8 Tips To Choose The Right Cosmetics Online

Imagine an online cosmetic haul turning out to be a success. That foundation shade exactly matching your skin tone or that lipstick looking on point on your lips.

Well, when it comes to beauty and makeup, anything you imagine can be your reality. Just add some method to the madness, and voila! You can really hit the bull’s eye with your cosmetic purchases; all you need to do is put some research into the cosmetic brand and products you are willing to bet your money on. And we are here to help you out with that. We list down the 8 factors you need to consider while buying beauty products online.

How to choose the right cosmetics online?

One thing you need to remember — you cannot rush your cosmetic shopping spree. Be ready to put in some dedicated hours to the pursuit of really knowing a beauty product. We suggest you change to your cozy pajamas, sit with a cup of coffee, and get ready to put in the grind.

Here’s what you need to look out for while buying cosmetic products online.

1) Ascertain The Cosmetic Brand’s Reputation

Before you consider investing in a beauty brand for the first time, ask yourself, “What is the public opinion about it?” This is because the chances of landing the wrong product from a cosmetic brand that enjoys a good reputation among makeup users are much lower. Cosmetic brands that are household names are so because their beauty products assure quality, satisfaction, and reliability. Do rely on word of mouth or just dial up your besties and ask them how their experience with a cosmetic brand has been.

2) Always Filter Out Best-Selling Beauty Products

If you have narrowed down on the cosmetic brand you want to invest in, start with their best-selling cosmetic products. It’s easy to catch hold of a brand’s best-selling cosmetics at their online cosmetic store. For example, if you check out Colorbar’s online cosmetic shop, you will find a separate section for best sellers. Let’s say you want to buy fashion cosmetics for daily wear like foundation, kajal, eyeliner, etc., you could start with the ones that are already in the bestseller section. Use and check if you are satisfied with your new purchases and only then invest in other cosmetic products offered by the brand.

3) Check The Benefits Of a Beauty Product

When choosing a new cosmetic product, always check if its benefits cater to your needs. For example, when looking for a kajal, look for terms like “high color pay off”, “intense”, “smudge-proof”, “longlasting”, “waterproof”, “moisturizing”, “easy to glide”, and so on. Similarly, while buying a skincare product, find out if it specifically addresses the skin concerns you may have such as acne, dryness, inflammation, etc. At Colorbar’s online cosmetic store, every beauty product has a separate section elaborating on its benefits. Knowing the benefits of a cosmetic product is a surefire way to determine if the cosmetic product is really worth your time and penny.

4) Check The Ingredients

The key to determining the worth of a beauty product is its ingredients. You can easily find the ingredients list on the product packaging or in the ingredients section on the website. A quick Google search on the ingredients will reveal to you their specific benefits for the skin. Also, make sure that the ingredients that have caused you skin allergy or irritation before are not present in the product you are purchasing. Another trick is to find ingredients that are beneficial for your skin type or concern and check if they are present in the product. This way you can look for the best cosmetic product based on your skin concerns and needs.

5) Look For “Cruelty-Free”, “Non-Toxic” and Dermatologist-Tested” Products

Long gone are the days when cosmetics were just about looking good. Beauty now comes with a responsibility towards your own health and that of the ecosystem. Look for cosmetic brands that claim to be cruelty-free and non-toxic. Additionally, always avoid products with ingredients like Paraben, Sulfates, formaldehyde, BHT, and lead, for these ingredients lead to hormonal disruptions, irritation of the skin and respiratory system, behavior-related issues, etc. Colorbar Cosmetics takes its responsibility towards your well-being and that of the environment seriously. We are a PETA certified and cruelty-free brand, and our products have been tested to be suitable for all skin types, non-carcinogenic, preservative-free, and safe for vegetarians. Our latest launch Vegan Nail Lacquers are a 20-free formula, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and free from animal-derived pigments. Plus, their packaging is bio-safe and sustainable.

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6) Check Cosmetic Product Reviews/Testimonials

Nothing reveals the suitability of a product more than the opinions of the customers who have used it themselves. When you want to purchase a beauty product, make sure you check the review section and determine what the majority has to say about it. If there are more negative reviews, you should abandon the thought of buying the product, whereas if the reviews are positive, then probably it is worth investing in. Additionally, customers often share if the cosmetic product suited their skin type or not. So you could also check what the customer with the same skin type/condition as yours have to say about the product. You can also check vlogs on YouTube where influencers share their experience with their product.

7) Suitability For Your Skin Type

Before you start buying cosmetics online, you need to be well aware of your skin type/condition (oily, dry, normal, combination, or sensitive). When assessing the suitability of a makeup/skincare product, check if it is meant for your skin type or not. This aspect is often mentioned on the packaging of the cosmetic product or in the benefits section on the cosmetic website. Refrain from buying beauty products that are not meant for your skin type as the wrong product may heighten your skin concerns.

Generally, powder-based products like foundations, blush, highlighters, etc., are meant for oily skin types, whereas cream-based formulations are suitable for dry skin types. However, certain beauty products are suitable for all skin types, irrespective of their formulations. Therefore, the best practice is to check the information given about the cosmetic product.

8) Suitability For Your Skin Tones And Undertones

Assessing the suitability of a beauty product for your skin tones and undertones is also crucial, especially while buying beauty products like foundation, concealer, blush, highlighter, lipsticks, and nail polishes. Because the shades of these cosmetic products should ideally mesh well with your complexion to look natural and seamless.

There are broad categories of Skin Tones — Fair, Vanilla, Ivory, Petal, Beige, Sand, Tan and Amber. The three skin undertones are — Warm, Cool & Neutral. While looking for the right shade of foundation in particular, you need to be 100% sure that it matches your skin tone and undertone. Go through product swatches/shade guide given by the company online. For example, you can find the swatch cards for 24hrs Weightless Liquid Foundation on our website. Additionally, you can find a celebrity or influencer who seems to have the same complexion as you and find out what foundation shade they use.

When it comes to lipsticks, blushes, highlighters or nail polishes, you can go as quirky as you want. But if you want spot-on matches for a professional/minimal look, then you could find out what colors look the best on your skin tone and undertone. Again a quick Google research will surely help you.


So, these were the eight factors you need to keep in mind while buying cosmetics online. We know, it’s quite a lot to process, but the satisfaction you get upon a massively successful online makeup haul is second to none. And life is too short to deprive yourself of those moments, no? So if you were thinking of a makeup haul, go and tally your picks with the above factors and land that perfect purchase.

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